Welcome to my website
Skydiving in San Diego.

Who am I?

Productive IT Manager with a proven talent for building, growing, and motivating engineering teams to success. Keen ability to quickly absorb new technologies and relay them to others. Vast expertise in e-learning, distant education, project management and development workflow, managing diverse teams of engineers.

Things I am interested in.

Software engineering [1], Traveling, D&D[2], ICD codes [3], Terrorizing poorly written games [4][5], Breakdancing [6]


[2]Moerderin the Fire bender
[3]ICD 10 Search
[5]More Uniwar Panic
[6]New Jacks


To contact me please refer to my resume.

Act V. THE TRUTH. (Love is hard work. And, sometimes, hard work can really hurt.) Love is a game. If they didn't tell you before, we will tell you now. Love is a game and if you play you either win, lose, or get ejected before the game is over. There are no ties. Maybe you'll lose and learn some great, meaningful answer from it all (like if it looks to good to be true, it is). It's easy to love something when you don't have to work at it. It's harder when it asks something of you. You just might be afraid to give. Give it anyway. The heart is the most resilient muscle. It is also the stupidest. So if this love you've found is good to you, hold it, keep it, shout about it. If it isn't, then maybe you should just become very good friends.